5 Extraordinary Benefits of Affordable Text Message Marketing:">

February, 2016

5 Extraordinary Benefits of Affordable Text Message Marketing:

With almost everyone having a mobile phone these days, and the love people have for the Short Message Service, it is a very good idea for a business to use the affordable text message marketing services available. With a reading rate higher than unsolicited emails and direct mails at about 94%, text message marketing is a fine way to market your services as well as reach out to new and existing customers. Here is how affordable text message marketing can benefit your business:

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5 Basic Principles for Your Website Redesign::5 Basic Principles for Your Website Redesign:

Redesigning a website does not have to be a tedious task as many people tend to think?  If you want to redesign your site, you need to have your target internet users in mind. In any case, they are the people who will be using the website and therefore you need to create something that they would want to associate with.  When you are redesigning your website, you need to think out of the box and know what industry you are operating in and how you can better meet your customers’ expectations.

There are 5 things to think of for your website redesign in the modern day. Of course there are more that you can add to the list but what matters most is to make sure that the site is redesigned in the right manner;

  1.       Responsive designFirst of all, you need to look at the design of your website. The design should be responsive enough to accommodate the ever-growing number of internet users accessing the internet on their Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. A responsive design is capable of resizing web content to fit and display well on the screens of different devices used to access the site.
  2.       Use of fonts and color- The use of color and fonts is also an aspect to think about when you need to redesign your website. The fonts have to be legible and readable. People with sight problems should be able to find your site useful. Fonts also play a role in this case of readability.
  3.       Optimized site- In order for your conversion rates to increase, your website pages and page titles need to be optimized. Having unique and optimized pages and page titles will help Google and other search engines to pick on your site when searching for results to queries and requested by internet users.
  4.       The number of pages- The number of pages on your website is also an issue you might have to think of when you want to redesign your website. A site that contains fewer pages that are more straight forward is favored by many internet users. Not many people would want to scan through various pages and links before they can find the information that they need.
  5.       Social media channels- Last but not least, the use of social media channels also falls under 5 things to think of for your website redesign. Statistics show that at least 20% of the time spent online is on the social media. Therefore, when redesigning your website, you should consider placing social media links on your site so that it can be easy for your visitors to interact with you.

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5 Key Reasons Why A Compelling Headline Is Vital For Blogs:

A powerful headline is an essential for any article written for any purpose, and more so if it is in a business blog. This is because only very few people will read the copy of an article that carries a weak headline. All headlines for articles in business blogs and web copy should be well thought out to create the desired effect; wide readership. Why do you need a compelling headline? This is why:

  • Headlines are good at grabbing attention: most of your targeted readership will skim over headlines until they get to a truly compelling one. If you are a marketer, or write for a business blog, the headline your prospect selects to read should be yours. The first thing a prospect will see on your blog is the headline. Put in so much character in it that whoever reads it will be instantly drawn to read the rest of the article.
  • Busy people will choose blog posts with compelling headlines: A busy person will not have the time to open all headlined links s/he comes across. Your headline must be compelling enough to be worth his/her time. This busy person is your prospect. Come up with a headline that will stop him/her in his/her tracks.
  • People react to headlines that stimulate their interests and anticipation: A good headline should stimulate a rush of interest and expectation from its audience with a taste of what they should expect. That means that you should balance it well enough to stir enough interest without giving the whole story.
  • A good headline has a question in it: The headline itself need not be in a question form, but it should create a question in the reader’s mind enough for him/her to try and answer it by reading the whole article.
  • Your headline is your best selling point: Your best opportunity for selling yourself to the reader is in your headline; make it count. What this means is that it should hit its aim and succeed. This is what the bloggers with the biggest audiences do, and so should you.

Once you have your prospect reading your copy, do not disappoint him with the content. Let it be credible and relevant to the headline.

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4 Obsolete SEO Tactics That You Need To Discontinue:

As is and has been the nature of anything online, what works like magic today maybe old goods tomorrow. What worked just the other day is now obsolete. This is the same with some SEO tactics you have been employing in your digital marketing campaigns and you need to discontinue them because they could either be stagnating your traffic or hurting it. These tactics are:

  1. More links does not mean higher ranking anymore: In years gone by, the number of backlinks had a direct bearing on ranking. The more you gained, the higher you ranked. This is not the case anymore. For your business website, avoid amassing backlinks but focus on their relevance to the content you carry on your site.
  2. Content that is keyword-rich is not so hot anymore: The Algorithms for ranking at Google changed and so did what you need to do with your keyword optimization. Try posting more user friendly content that will be captured in the ever changing algorithms.
  3. There is more to SEO than just links and content: Sites with poor quality content but carried a massive number of links and great on page optimization were always ranking positively. Do not continue to focus on building links only; make plans to enhance your social media profiles as well because these days they heavily affect ranking.
  4. Forget about wangling your head term rankings: Today, you will realize that most traffic will come from long tail phrases other than head terms which has been the case all these years. This has been occasioned by the Penguin and Panda updates which threw the previous ranking strategies into a spin. This means that tracking your rankings is something you can do without. Shift this energy to creating and improving on your long tail strategies.

Keeping updated with the ranking systems is what will keep your business growing, not sticking to the time tested methods which may not benefit you anymore.

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4 Great And Free SEO Tools For Small Businesses:

SEO is an ongoing process; you will not just optimize your content and let it sustain itself. You will need to monitor it and gauge its effectiveness. To do this you will need to employ Free SEO tools for small businesses. Here we list down 4 great tools for your SEO and which you can use at no cost.

  1.       Google Keyword Planner: This tool is a big help for new and existing SEO campaigns. Here, you can search for appropriate keyword ideas as well as how they are likely to perform if used. You may just find keywords that had not crossed your mind and they could be useful to your campaign. In this tool you will find traffic statistics and search data, all of which are quite vital for your campaign planning.
  2.       Google Trends: One of the most useful SEO tools is Google trends. Here you can find out the average degree of interest for particular key phases at a certain determined time. This will help you determine the time of the year or of the month when interest in a certain phrase peaks. Geo-targeting is another feature here where you can establish the areas or regions that have a high degree of interest for the product or brand name you are promoting. This tool also helps in determining the trending topics in your industry and you can tweak your campaign to follow these trends.
  3.       The Moz Open Site Explorer: This tool comes with its own tracking tools which will help you have at a detailed look of how your website operates in various search engines. The Moz Open Site Explorer will also assist in link building where information on the best ranked keywords in your site as well as information on the highest authority pages.
  4.       SEMrush: This tool will give information on the keywords that are currently being used to rank your site and how many times those very keywords are searched every month. Such information will help you decide on the best websites to optimize as well as the targeted keywords. This SEO tool has the advantage of showing you how your competition is doing in their SEO campaigns.

All these tools are free to use and taking advantage of them could be just what your SEO campaign needed. Are there any other SEO tools you know of that are not listed above? Share them below with our readers.

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