4 Ways to Make Content for Your Boring Brand Sharable:">

March, 2016

4 Ways to Make Content for Your Boring Brand Sharable:

Whenever you are writing content for your small business website, regardless of whether the brand you are selling is boring, it is always important to make sure that the content is sharable. Sharable in this case means that the content can be utilized by different parties not just on host websites but also on social networking sites or generally Web 2.0 technologies that have become quite essential on the net today. Note that shareable content appeals to more readers and to your customers, and thus your business will earn the right image and perception.

  1.       Know your audience- Whenever you are writing content for your small business website, it is important to make sure you know your audience. Just like the case is for writing content for a top of the range brand, this is the same thing you should do for your boring brand. A cute blog or website might generate traffic but not necessarily sales. Even if your brand is a boring one, there is definitely a certain demographic that you are targeting. Make sure you speak to them clearly and concisely.
  2.       Content is only as boring as your outlook- Other than focusing a lot on writing content for your business website, you also need to think about the general outlook of your website or blog. It is important to make sure that the general design is appealing and thus people can come back to the site many other times. When they come across good content as well, they will be eager to share it since they are sharing it from a great website.
  3.       Create original content- In order for any sort of web content to be shareable regardless of the brand, it ought to be original. Most internet users today can spot content that is plagiarized or spun with ease. With this being the case, they would not be moved to share such content. Therefore, you need to make sure that the content you are writing for your boring brand is original.
  4.       Make it shareable- Lastly, shareable is a broad term in this regard. Making something shareable is only the case if the content appeals to its target audience. It is important to know your target audience so as to know what sort of content they want and would be happy to share with others.


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Can Affordable Website Designers Offer Benefits Over High Priced Website Designers?

Unlike the case was several years back, today you can easily find affordable website designers. Since the demand for designers has been on the rise, many experts have started offering these services. This has since led to an increase in competition in the field thereby forcing some quality website designers to start offering affordable services.

So, are there any benefits of dealing with these affordable service providers?

Well, the benefits are many. However, here are some benefits that you need to take note of;

  •          First of all, when you seek affordable web design services, you will get a large number of custom pages. Most web designers are looking to impress their customers and thus they will be willing to offer the excellent quality services that you need.


  •          Secondly, contrary to common perceptions, most web designers also offer free site updates after completion of the project. Therefore, they do not work on your website as a one-off service. They will be checking back on you to make sure your site conforms of modern trends and technologies.


  •          Thirdly, these affordable website designers also offer you the benefit of search engine friendly pages. Ideally, they make sure that all pages on your site are viewable on search engine results thereby boosting your level of visibility online. When your web pages are easy to read by search engines, your web presence gets known in a short period of time.


  •          Last but not least, these experts can also help you with Google Analytics integration.  This offers you the much needed statistical data and the ability to view the amount of traffic that is coming to your website.

Are you in need of affordable site design services? Have you hired one lately and what were the results like? Share your comments with our readers.


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What Is An Effective SEO Campaign?:

Even as SEO may change drastically in the future, leveraging long-term tactics ensures that your business continues to dominate search engine results.  Essentially, SEO is free advertisement for entrepreneurs and small business owners to promote their products or services.  Search engine optimization helps drive quality traffic to your site, while also push brand awareness.  That being said, an effective SEO campaign makes sure that your new site is strategically optimized for search engines.

SEO is extremely affordable and a strategic campaign will deliver astonishing return on investment (ROI).  A reliable SEO agency should help you understand the importance of SEO and highlight the major benefits it offers.  To start, static SEO techniques provide the bridge that helps market your products or service, while also compete with top brands in your industry.  Once you have launched a strong SEO campaign, you will instantly establish an online reputation that turns traffic into paying customers.

An effective SEO campaign generally starts off with keyword research using the Google Adwords Keyword Research tool.  A pay-per-click operation will reveal the exact keywords that are relevant to your industry.  The second step in the campaign is link-building.  Your links should point to internal pages that are highly- positioned according to the keywords.  Begin a social networking campaign, which enables you to boost social signals and drive traffic back to your webpage.

Lastly, create awesome content to promote relative information about your company.  The most powerful marketing channel to generate revenue for your business is blogging.  Blogs have proven to drive targeted search engine traffic.  All of these tactics will not only help you gain traffic, but is guaranteed to make more sales.


Affordable Online Marketing For Small Businesses

For small businesses, the way to have an online presence is to have an affordable online marketing solution. For the most part, the reason you are doing the marketing is to improve on the profits so it is only rational that you adopt a plan that is not only within your means but also cost effective.

There are multiple options to make your small business marketing experience affordable and effective. Affordable online marketing for small business includes what you do, how you do it and whom you do it with.

How you do online marketing?

It is important to consider the strategy you will use to do marketing on the internet. Social media marketing is the most affordable way of marketing. Pay per click may turn out to be expensive in the long run, especially if your competitors will use it maliciously. You must look at what best works for you.

What you will do to market online

This has to do with the strategies you employ to build your presence and have an online authority. This includes optimizing your website to rank better, improving load speeds, integrating your campaign with traditional methods and using tools that will ensure that your campaign is effective. All these determine the cost.

The most important thing to remember when looking at strategy is to know that cheap can be expensive if caution is not taken and expensive isn’t necessarily effective. Strike the balance. The Digital Swarm wholesale websites can be a great help in this respect.

Whom you do it with

Enlisting the services of a firm might be costly but can pay in the long run especially if you enlist the services of an expert. Again, contracting someone or a firm to it for you will also give you an opportunity to only use the service when you need it instead of putting someone on your payroll so that they can do that for you. Having someone under your pay will give the person the responsibility for making updates on the content, posting on the social media forums, sending newsletters and keeping tabs on the performance of the marketing strategy, but once your marking stabilizes, you might require less of their services.

If you need high quality consultation, check out PlatinumWebMarketing.com.


Get Your Blog Read with The 8 Tips For Effective Blogging For SEO

There is no point in writing a business blog if it is not attracting traffic. The trick is to boost your blog’s visibility on search engines. The following tips will get you well on your way to having a well ranked blog:

  • Invest in blogging software that supports SEO or have your website designed to carry SEO friendly blog content.
  • Keep your blog updated well by regularly posting fresh content. A static site where you will find the latest blog post to be 2 months old will rank much more poorly than one which is updated 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Focus and plan: posting random blog posts without advance planning works well for fun blogs. For a business blog, plan ahead by about a week or so to have a flowing blog where one blog will stir interest about the next one. You can only do this if you are thinking ahead.
  • Increase the time people stay on your site. This is only possible if you give them a reason to. You can do this by posting fresh, interesting, compelling, credible and timely content. Anything less and all your blog will get are skimmers and quick glances. You will also build links as people will find your content well worth sharing.
  • Acquire inbound links by guest blogging. Doing this about two or three times a month and having those blogs link back to you gives you valuable inbound links that will build your SEO rankings considerably.
  • Give your blog posts killer headlines to pique the interest of all those who come across it. The more snazzy the headline, the more people will want to share it on their blogs or on their social media accounts.
  • Look for websites and blogs that are highly ranked and link to them. You must be careful in your selection as such sites should be relevant to the content you carry as well as to the industry you operate in.
  • Add high quality photos, videos and infographics to add value to your contents, especially if they are of the “how to” kind.



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