6 Main Steps In Website Design And Development:">

April, 2016

6 Main Steps In Website Design And Development:

For a successful website design and development, your designer will follow these 6 steps to guarantee a good website for your business. These steps are:

  1.       Planning: Here you will liaise with your website designer to make a definition of your sites objectives, the brand or product to be promoted, functionality, content to be carried, targeted audiences and everything that is concerned with your site. The designer will then come up with a detailed plan with milestones that you will have to approve before commencement.
  2.       The design stage: Here, the website’s visuals take shape. The composite design involving graphics will be dependent on the results of the planning stage. Here, you will be invited to look at the designs and decide if it is the way to go or make amendments where necessary. The designer will then make the necessary changes.
  3.       Building the website: With the graphics approved and completed, the designer will embark on the HTML coding phase. This is where the framework to carry the graphics is built. What follows after coding is integration and programming stage. Here is where the real work is and typically takes the most man hours in the whole design process.
  4.       Testing: Here, the fully programmed website is set up in a ‘beta’ mode where all the necessary tests are made to ensure its effectiveness. As the client, you should be fully involved here as you will be the user together with your customers. Any changes that are necessary in the graphics, structure and performance are completed here in readiness for the launch.
  5.       The launch: This marks the completion of the project and your site goes live. You will start getting traffic and the potential customers will join the existing ones in experiencing your new website. From now on, you will add content from time to time.
  6.       Post-launch support: A good website design and development process will include this crucial step because it is only through maintenance and support that the website will be effective.

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Website Design Services: What Exactly Are You Paying For?:

When seeking Website Design Services anywhere in the world, many people do not normally know what they are paying for. Some service providers charge high fees whereas others are modest. But, what exactly do you get as value for your money in the end?  It is important to note that the cost of building a website can vary dramatically depending on the web designer and the technologies that they will be using. The cost is largely dependent on the number of labor hours that the designer spends on building the site.

So, where does the money go in this regard? It helps to understand where money goes when building so as to figure out if you are being duped or you are being served in the right manner.  Here are three major tasks that consume the largest amounts of your money.

  1. Graphical design- This involves designing the look of the whole website. It includes the website framework, structure, the sitemap, the home page and the interior pages. This takes quite some time to complete and many designers prefer to take a lot of time here so that they can produce the best output.
  2. ProgrammingIn almost every sort of Website Design Services, programming is needed for purposes of adding certain features to the site. This can be a search feature, caring tool for an ecommerce site, a rotating slider, an online form or any other aspect that calls for technical knowledge.
  3. Adding content- Perhaps this is the biggest task in any website development process. Content of a website includes graphics and text and they often need to be added to every other page and then formatted so as to bring out a certain preferred layout.

Other issues such as project management, logistics, copywriting and overhead will also need money and thus you will be called upon to pay for them. Of course every service provider is different. Therefore, the quotations might vary widely. Do you now see where your money goes when you pay for web design services out there?

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How to Benefit with Mobile Marketing with a 97% Open Rate!:

Mobile Marketing has become the latest fad in the field of marketing and now businesses can only be divided into three categories: those who have adopted mobile marketing, those who are thinking of doing so and those who are committed to remain behind their competition. If you do not believe how effective a mobile marketing can be, let’s have a look at some facts and figures provided by the Forbes:

  •  9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, while more than half of them lead to sales
  • Out of 6.8 billion people on earth, 4 billion use mobile phones
  • 25% Americans use their mobile phones to reach the internet
  • Brands using SMS, successfully reach 95% of cell phone users

With such amazing facts and figures, no one can possibly ignore the importance and effectiveness of a mobile marketing. However, we believe that mobile marketing is an intelligent and innovative way of reaching out to the larger audience. They believe that bombarding the concerned subscriber with text messages, is not smart mobile marketing.

It should be very clear that SMS has an amazing over 97% open rate and most of the text messages are read within 3 minutes of sending. Think about it! How astounding is the power of an SMS message. You can change anyone’s mind and compel them on thinking. You can take control of their thinking process and turn them into valid and loyal customers. That is the reason why most progressive businesses are doing so well by using SMS.

They totally follow the state’s laws about SMS text message marketing. This makes sure that while your business becomes known in each and every corner of the country, you do not violate any laws. However, the mobile marketing source is not being fully utilized by the people and many businesses still fail to grasp the idea of mobile marketing.

Although, those who are aware of the importance of this source of marketing, know that mobile users have unlimited capacity to become buyers from cell phone users. The trend of buying by using smart phones, is skyrocketing and all online business owners, are getting mobile friendly websites to reach a larger audience and convert more users into buyers. This trend has become global and it is going to change the rules of the game. There is no wonder if a small business drastically increases its conversions just because they were smart to adopt mobile marketing, while some big shot business keeps declining due to traditional and out of date marketing techniques.

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How to Find a Good Affordable Web Design Marketing Company How to Find a Good Affordable Web Design Marketing Company

The market is full of web design companies that are all promising excellent work, affordable services and a strict adherence to set deadlines. There are fake web designers and the real ones. As anyone would expect, fake website design marketing firms promise to build your website and increase web traffic within a very short time. In the end you end up with a scrapped website whose content is stuffed with keywords and does you no good. However, these are proven effective guidelines on how you can find a good web design company. They include:

Checking their portfolio

It is your money that counts here and you cannot settle for anything less than great. A great portfolio is able to give ideas that they have done the job before. More importantly, check to find out if they have what you are looking for. An obviously good portfolio will feature issues such as:

  •          Error free content
  •          A user friendly website
  •          Customer target
  •          Audience relevance

Do they have full time services?

Creation of a good website might steer up sales but along it comes with other marketing strategies offered. Things like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing strategy, branding calls to actions coupled with landing pages that engage with your website visitors.

Customer care

If any business does not offer customer care then it is not up to the scale. Website design marketing firms without customer care confirms that your emails, calls or even texts will not be responded to and could cause inconvenience.

Skills and marketing experience

Marketing is in fact the most important aim here. The primary intention of the website is client marketing. This you should check too.

Check on their communication skills

If he or she cannot even speak good fluent English, think of the content that will be placed in your website.

Customer reference

If you can be lucky to get someone whose website had been done by a particular web design company, you can get firsthand information on the website design marketing skills of the said firm.

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What are the 5 Major Steps for Building an Effective SEO Campaign?

If you are looking to increase organic traffic and conversions on your website, it is important that you have an effective SEO campaign strategy. A good and effective SEO campaign’s marketing strategy should incorporate varied traffic sources including but not limited to social media and video among others.

Having said that, you need to keep in mind that SEO will continue to change drastically in the coming days, months and years. Thus it is necessary to take a long term approach to your campaigns. This will help you to dominate over your competitors.

So just what is the best and most effective way to build an SEO campaign? In this article, I will share with you 5 key steps that you must incorporate into your campaign if you intend to cut off all competition and be the leader in your market.

1. Keyword Research

Any SEO expert worth his or her salt will tell you that a good SEO campaign must start with keyword research. It makes perfect sense to know which keywords you want to rank for before creating content.

With the help of tools like Wordtracker and Google Adwords, you should be able to determine the specific keywords buyers in yourniche market are using when looking to purchase products and services similar to yours. For example, someone who is interested in working from home but does not know how to do it will start his or her searches along the lines of “how to work from home part-time” or “work from home”.

Unfortunately, these are broad keywords and not targeted because you don’t know what the buyer is looking for.. The person could be interested in working from home as an article writer, affiliate marketer or online programmer. Thus if you were selling an ebook on affiliate marketing, a good number of people searching for work from home opportunities would not be interested in what you are offering and your traffic would go to waste. Therefore to get the best ROI, it is important to laser target and use keywords that buyers use.

2. Create Killer Content

Great content is the pulse of an top local seo company. A good way to publish killer content is through blogging. Blogging is affordable, easy to do and will give you a long term edge over your competitors who are not too keen on this strategy.

A blog is a not static website that is frequently updated. It can be likened to an online journal. The act of blogging is publishing content in the form of articles and videos on this blog.

Having said that, blogging is not an instant fix to a broken or failing SEO campaign. It takes a bit of time to start to see results, plus you will have to learn a few fundamentals about how to write an effective blog post. Once in motion, however, blogging can be an automatic traffic source for your website.

With a small investment in a good blog design and valuable content, you can start to build up a strong following of people interested in your products and services.

3. Build Links

With great content already published on your blog, the next step is to build links to your content. Link building simply means increasing the number of inbound links to a page. If you are trying to rank highly for the phrase “make money,” it would make perfect sense to link to a page that ranks in the top 100 results for that phrase.

With commenting and social media mentions, it is quite easy to connect with webmasters of top ranking blogs and build high quality links back to your site. Link building helps to improve your rankings and increase your organic traffic from the search engines.

4. Focus on Conversions

Too many times, a lot of good businesses and entrepreneurs fail to achieve success on the internet because their focus is wrong. They have heard the cliché that traffic is king over and over again, to the exclusion of every other basic SEO principle.

Traffic does matter, but it won’t mean a thing if you can’t convert it to sales. If you can’t convert your 100 daily visitors, 1000 won’t make a difference. Optimizing your website for conversions will allow you to change your visitors from being interested people into paying customers who buy your products and services.

The first step is to survey your visitors and find out what they like or hate about your website. This will help you identify the appropriate conversion strategies. Another tip to improve conversions would be to incorporate videos into your content. Some people are visually inclined and would prefer to watch a video rather than read text. Test to see what your customers prefer.

5. Content Promotion

Once you have great content and good conversions, the next step should be to create a solid promotion strategy. Here is where integration of social media channels is essential. You probably have noticed that when you do a search on any search engine, the top results are always results from social sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

This is because the search engines love social sites. The more people on these social sites talk about and share your content, the more popular it becomes and the more popular it becomes, the higher it appears on the search results.

That said, content promotion is a lot more than just posting tweets and updates. It involves understanding your fans and followers and creating content that piques their interest and causes them to want to share and know more about your business. If done right, social media can be another great and valuable source of traffic for your website.

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