3 Ways to Effectively Use Quizzes to Generate Leads:">

June, 2016

3 Ways to Effectively Use Quizzes to Generate Leads:

As a marketer, it is important to ensure that you are bringing in as many leads as possible into your business. Over the past couple of years, a lot of emphasis has been put on the use of content marketing for lead generation thereby creating pressure on marketers to come up with great whitepapers, videos, case studies, blog posts and many other forms of content that can effectively convert content seekers to warm leads that can be nurtured into lifelong customers.

However, research has shown that a well-produced quiz can effectively achieve opt-in rates of more than 50% and subsequently improve lead generation as a whole. Here are three ways through which you can use quizzes in the case of affordable lead generation.

  1. Create a knowledge test based on your informational content

Basing on the content that you share on your website, you can create a quiz for customers to take part in when they visit your website for the first time. This quiz should not be used to intimidate the new visitor but rather create interest in them to want to know more regarding what you have to offer. If people love the questions you have in the quiz, they will sign up with you so that they can be getting regular updates.

  1. Repurpose past successes to get more leads out of your website

As a marketer, chances are that you create lots of content in your affordable lead generation strategies. Apparently, in this regard there is always content that tends to be more popular than the other. One of the best ways through which you can generate leads with a quiz is to reuse the past popular pieces on your site and compile them into something that many people will be interested to read.

  1. Personalize your website

Last but not least, personalizing your website can also help with affordable lead generation. When people can connect with you using your website, there are high chances that they will take part in your quizzes and thus be converted into leads and later into customers who make actual purchases on your platform.


Why Affordable Mobile Website Design Services Are Right For Your Business?:

Mobile websites have become more of the in-thing in the modern day. Many internet users today prefer to access the web through the use of their mobile phones and tablets as opposed to staying on the computer for lengthy durations. Again, mobile devices are easily accessible and portable and thus someone can access the internet whenever they want to. If you want to create a website today, settling for a mobile website might be a good idea.

A mobile website is simply a website that is created in a manner that allows it to render perfectly on mobile devices such as smart phones. The users of the site do not have to scroll through lengthy pages in search of information. The use of mobile sites allows them to get information first hand. This can be made possible through affordable mobile website design services.

Why affordable mobile website design services are right for your business?

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in web design services for your business, seeking affordable website design might be a better option.  Affordable should not be confused to mean compromise in quality. There are many affordable service providers out there who can offer excellent website design outcomes.

  • You don’t have to spend too much on website design:  Considering the current state of the economy across the globe, many people do not have enough money in their pockets.  This therefore means that everyone is looking for means through which they can access affordable mobile website design services.
  • The same high profile tools are used: Much as these are affordable services, the website developers still make use of high-end software tools to create websites. Therefore, the websites will feature the best functionalities like for high-end design services.
  • There is no loss of interactivity and effectiveness: Affordable mobile website design also leads to great levels of effectiveness and interactivity. Other than attracting customers through the low prices, they also aim to deliver excellent outcomes.


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4 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic:

Starting a blog or website can be quite simple. However, getting people to visit it is where the hard task begins to hit home. It is not enough for you to just create great content, post it on your site and hope that they will come. In the modern day, successful websites and blogs use a range of high end tricks that include SEO, design and analytics so as to boost online presence and relevance. These elements can help largely to drive traffic to your website, grow audiences and rank your website high on search engines. Here are the aspects you need to think about.

  1.          Make it easy for people to find your content on the webGooglsmall_business_seoe Markup is one of the latest developments in the web development world. This is a feature that enables you to connect all the content that you have online beneath one author profile. You can implement author markup on your search results as well for purposes of professionalism.
  2.          Join relevant audience communities- One thing about SEO strategy and link building that many small business owners miss out on is the relationship. You need to know that getting to know people is like the bedrock of your business and more so getting links. You can do this with your audience whenever you are hanging out. The use of the Google doubleclick planner can be a great help in this regard.
  3.          Use supersize photos, images and illustrations- When it comes to a great website design and attracting links, sharing old photos might not help. You need to leverage the excellent resolutions that modern day monitors have to offer so that you can share beautiful photos. As they say, an image is worth a thousand words. So, if you are using them on your website, you need to ensure that they are the best quality.
  4.          Think outside the social media sharing label- Unlike what most people believe, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are not the only social networking websites that can push traffic to your small business website. There are other niche communities that can do the same. The idea here is to go through some of these websites, identify the ones that are relevant to your industry and those that can add value to your business prospects. Working with the right audience will enable you to create the best content for your website.


What Are The 3 Indicators to Measure SEO?:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that helps you increase website internet ranking.  A highly ranked website on the search engine results pages (SERPs) receives improved visibility, amplified traffic, and, ultimately, converted leads.  For that reason, Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly the key component in using organic inbound marketing services to market a product or service.  Because a SE Florida local SEO campaign involves many website components, to include organization, linking, and content; it can become labor intensive and extremely time consuming.  When executing Search Engine Optimization, you have to establish an ongoing routine for monitoring and measuring performance.

Accurately measuring the success of your SE Florida local SEO campaign depends greatly on your type of business and your objectives.  The first step in effectively monitoring SEO performance regardless of trade is know the three key performance indicators (KPIs).  In an SEO program, the objective is to drive consumers to your site and convert leads into sales.  This simply means that revenue is what matters and should be the focus of your Search Engine Optimization performance.  An inbound marketing agency can help you effectively improve your promotion by monitoring its ranking, traffic, and conversions. medium_2535340608_(1)A business may have as one of its key performance indicators the tracking of keyword rankings.  As the most common KPI, keyword rankings help boost your website position on the search engines listings.  Keeping track of your keyword rankings gives you the ability to craft Search Engine Optimization strategy and focus efforts on targeted keywords that attract the most attention, as well as provide the most benefits.  Without clear, detailed keyword ranking data, making strategic decisions would be challenging.

Evaluating the volume and quality of traffic that top rankings can deliver is crucial.  Traffic volume is based on the number of visits you get from organic search.  With the help of analytical and inbound marketing software, you should notice a significant increase in organic search traffic.  The only way to measure the quality of traffic is to use a metrics system.  Metrics such as bounce rate and pages per visit are good for performance measurement.

Conversion should ultimately reflect organizational goals. By tracking the monetary value of your conversions, you will have the ability to determine the ROI of your SE Florida local SEO campaign.  Be sure that you are able to distinguish between organic search converting and conversions earned from other sources.  In a nutshell, making the decision to track KPIs not only helps you to attain quantifiable measurements, it also delvers actionable data required to evaluate success over time.

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What Is Off-page Search Engine Optimization and Why Is It Important?:

In search engine optimization, off-page factors optimize your webpages externally to affect your business listing in organic search results.  These optimization factors are off-site in that you and your page’s coding lack any control over them.  Off-page optimization occurs when links are created to point back to your website.  This is significant to SEO as it augments link popularity, as well as page rank.  The more links you can get to your website indicates content (blog) authority and influence ranking on the search engine results pages.

In a nutshell, link building is the word that defines off-page SEO.  It is the best SEO practice used to enhance blog visibility and drive traffic.  Basically, link building enables you to build links back to your website from other blogs or webpages.  The major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are intensely interested in the quality and the number of links over the web that points back to your site.

Ideally, having a blog is the most effective way to build links and establish credibility in your industry.  Search engines are routinely updated for the purpose of determining which webpage or blog takes what position in the search listing results.  Google and the other search engines crawl the internet looking for links that point back to your blog, and then index.  After which, the search engines algorithm decides how to rank unique webpages.  Search engines are fond of websites with backlinks created by people who really appreciate the content.

Natural looking, quality backlinks involves the following properties:

  •          Backlinks from High PageRank Web page
  •          Backlinks from Unique Anchor Texts
  •          No Black Hat SEO Methods
  •          Backlinks from Similar Niche Blog and Website
  •          Determine NoFollow or DoFollow Links

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