How To Get Started With Affordable Mobile Marketing:">

August, 2016

How To Get Started With Affordable Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing is a fast expanding segment of digital marketing in the modern day. More and more business owners are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits that come with this form of marketing. Mobile phone use is widespread and almost everyone has a handset. Therefore, sending them marketing messages through these devices has proved to be an effective option in most cases. Fact: Mobile marketing has a 97% open rate, nothing even comes close! Fact: Mobile marketing messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt of message.

However, mobile marketing still remains to be a challenge for many small or startup businesses. If you want to create loyalty in your customers and engage with them in a more effective manner, you need to learn how to get started with mobile marketing with Five Channels. Here are tips and tricks that will help you to get on the right track.

  •          Have knowledge of affordable mobile marketing before you begin- Just like any other form of marketing, it is vital to orientate yourself with this form of marketing before diving in. Realize, like any other form of marketing you will need to set a goal, what do I want to accomplish with my mobile marketing? How can I get mobile numbers from my clients/customers to market to them, as you need permission for the receiver prior to sending a message out to them. What do I want to offer them, a discount 2 for 1, maybe you own a restaurant you want to increase your business during certain slow times, or offer something to entice them to shop with you. For more ideas see our offer for “22 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Develop Your Email List And Develop Loyal Customers”  below and see how mobile marketing works first hand.
  •          Implement an affordable mobile marketing strategy that your customers will love- Once you have figured out that mobile marketing is good for you, you need to implement a strategy that your customers will appreciate. Ask your clients/customers if it is ok to text them offers? Gather their mobile phone numbers and use it sparingly, ask how often they would like to receive a great deal from your business? You can send them information pertaining to your business and why buy here, in the form of a pdf, a link to a video or slide show and so much more. You can run a survey and find out what your customers want. Just ask what they want to see in your mobile marketing messages.

Link up with social media marketing- The beauty of mobile marketing is that it does not only rely on marketing texts send to mobile phone users. It also factors in other mobile phone uses like internet access etc. Since most mobile phones and smartphones available today can access social networking websites, linking up your mobile marketing with social media sites might be vital. There is a great chance that your target customers will be users of these sites so they will be moved more if they come across your marketing messages on social media sites.

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5 Tips To Effective Marketing On Your Blog:

Your blog is a great avenue that you can use for effectively marketing your products and services. This is an advantage at your disposal and your competitors are already using it. What are you waiting for? Here are 5 tips you can use to increase your blog’s effectiveness in marketing your products.

  •          Use Social Media Sites– social media is a walk-free platform for you to market. There are many ways to build brand recognition with twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the rest. You already have followers on these social networks; lead them to your blog. Have you ever tried this? Are there rewards so far?
  •          Build a Mailing List– the importance of a mailing list cannot be overlooked when you wish to market on your blog. This mailing list can be used in updating and driving motivated buyers as well as new ones about your products. It is easy and it will not cost you a dime.
  •          Update Your Blog Regularly- When is the last time you updated your blog? Your followers want to hear more from you every time they wish to. Keep them informed by consistently posting quality information. Establish a posting schedule and always follow it. You will keep readers on your side and remain in good business as compared to your competitors.
  •          Solve Customer Problems: one way to establish trust and respect from your customers is being able to solve their problems to satisfaction. First, you need to identify the target audience and then the problems they are likely to face.
  •          Connect with Influencers: In every niche, there those who influence the most. Connect with such people on their blogs and take advantage of their already large audience.

It is that simple, and then your blog becomes a marketing hub. Which tip(s) appeal to you most? Have you tried them out? What are your experiences? Why do you think that is the case? Finally, what can you tell someone who has not tried it out or is planning to take that big step? Share the experience with friends and fellow readers. Thank you.

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How to Get Started With A Small Business Website:

If you are starting a business, you go through a series of decisions and some of them can be very daunting. The first thing to consider is your marketing campaign and here then comes the inevitable utility of a small business website. In the modern days, no business can really make it without the use of a website. To make things easy for you, below are researched strategies you can employ for a successful small business set up.

Do your extensive research

Who are you competitors? Get to know your target clients and the best ways that you can reach to them. What do they buy? Make an effort to know the weaknesses of your competitors and turn it to your advantage. It is nothing personal, just pure business.

Have your small business website built

It is of paramount importance you note that there is a difference between the small business websites and those of big businesses. Your small business website should be well built so that it is accessible not only to the clients but also the search engines. It should have a harmonious balance between content and design.

Invest in your website

Do you know that majority of websites fail because they are not even budgeted for? As your marketing arena, you need to make it your business to spend money on it and get quality content. You also need to have it constantly improved and repaired.

Set your goals

The primary one is of course to make a steady traffic and turn internet visitors into buyers. Whatever you do, make sure that all the strategies are meant to attract potential buyers.

Work with your a professional website developer or designer

Make sure that they follow your instructions to the latter. You will also find it convenient to do an early research so that you can understand what exactly you want.

Employ or hire a good SEO agency

This will take some time but it will pay in the end, you will just have to be patient. Get started and start earning online.

Do you have a website for your small business? How effective is it in enhancing your online presence? Share your views with our readers below.

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Why SEO Is Essential In Website Design:

SEO, or rather Search Engine Optimization forms the pinnacle of web presence for most websites available online today. Without SEO, your website will not be visible to internet users. Ideally, those who use the internet will not be able to find your site and thus they won’t know what you have to offer them. Again, they will find it hard to search for your site.

That is why SEO for local businesses is drawing the attention of most local investors. It is imperative to note that the majority of web traffic is driven by major commercial search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo! Social media sites can also help to generate visits to your websites. However, search engines are the main method of navigation to sites that is the most preferred by most internet users. This aspect is always true whether your site provides products, services, content, information or anything else.

Local business SEO helps you to define the search queries that you will input into the search engines. A search query is the term or words that you type into the search box so that you can find information anywhere on the internet. The right search queries for your local business website can significantly help in generating targeted traffic and can also offer publicity, revenue and maximum exposure for your business.

In that regard therefore, investing in local business SEO can have a great rate of returns compared to other types of promotion and marketing that are commonly used on the internet. Search Engine Optimization is what all local businesses which want to excel on the internet need to adopt. It holds a great deal of importance to them as it determines whether or not they will be successful on the web. It pays to appreciate what search engine optimization has to offer the local investors. Remember, when internet users search for information and they find the information you have on your site to be useful, they are likely to come back to your site in the near future.


6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt PBCA Text Message Marketing:

With the advancement in technology, business competition has been taken a notch higher with new and innovative marketing strategies being introduced each day. To keep up with these new and emerging trends, it calls for one to always be on the look for the best marketing strategies to employ so as to compete fairly with his/her business rivals. For instance, the penetration of mobile phones and internet use even in the most remote villages has lead to the introduction and growth of Text Message marketing. This is a marketing technique that involves the sending of marketing texts via mobile carriers to mobile users through their phones. The users are then given links to mobile websites from where they can get to read more about the products and services being marketed. Here are 6 reasons why you need to adopt PBCA Text Message Marketing for your business:

  1.       At least 91% of people on the planet earth have a mobile phone. Statistics further show that a majority of all the adults of legal age in the US have a mobile phone.
  2.       The average mobile phone user checks his/her mobile phone at least 34 times in a day. This simply means that your mobile marketing texts will be read even by the average mobile users.
  3.       Out of every 5 Smartphone users, 4 of them use their Smartphones to shop online.
  4.       Within 3 minutes of receiving an SMS, 90% of mobile phone users will have read the SMS.
  5.       70% of mobile searches on the internet lead to action within one hour of research.
  6.       At least 78% of retailers plan to invest in mobile in this year alone.

With these and more other benefits of PBCA Text Message Marketing, no reason is reason enough for you not to give it a try. You need not to break the bank because there is Palm Beach County Affordable Mobile Billboard.

Have you ever used Text Message Marketing? How were your results? Share your views with our readers as you learn more about this service by emailing me

 Thank you.

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