7 Facts You Need To Know About Short Message Service Marketing:">

August, 2016

7 Facts You Need To Know About Short Message Service Marketing:

You will always find misconceptions being passed around as true about anything that is not well understood, and affordable text message marketing (SMS) is no different. Here are 7 facts that should debunk most of the misconceptions that abound.

  1.       Permission is needed before sending texts: Do not send unsolicited texts if you do not want to seem like you are a nuisance or if you do not want to be sued by unhappy recipients. Ask to be allowed to send these messages and always use text marketing best practices.
  2.       Quality over quantity: in affordable text message marketing, you are better of sending fewer quality texts weighted with substance and benefits than sending millions of texts that look like spam. The person who gave his/her permission to be sent your messages deserves much more than empty texts.
  3.       SMS marketing is affordable and it has an impressive ROI: Of all the marketing strategies out there, text message marketing is among the most reasonably priced. Coming with a great return on investment, it is worth a try.
  4.       Test message marketing is used by big brands: The big brands use this method because they appreciate its effectiveness as well as its return on investment. Small businesses should join in too and reap the rewards that the big brands have always enjoyed.
  5.       To mount a campaign, you don’t have to be a professional marketer: SMS marketing is simple to operate and easy to manage. All you need is a little effort and you start earning from text marketing.
  6.       SMS marketing works just as well for live events as product promotion: Whether you want people to register via SMS, or invite a crowd to a free entry event, you will not go wrong. It will work just as fine as product promotions.
  7.       SMS is extremely popular: Texting is a very popular method of communicating. Use it in affordable text message marketing and stand to compete with the big brands in the market.

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5 Things You Should Know About A Good Blog Post:

When you are writing content for your small business website or blog, it is important to make sure that you know about the qualities of a good blog post. This will enable you to figure out how you can churn out useful content that will not only be informative but also ranks highly in search engines. Here now are the five things that you ought to understand about a good blog post.

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4 Obsolete SEO Tactics That You Need To Discontinue:

As is and has been the nature of anything online, what works like magic today maybe old goods tomorrow. What worked just the other day is now obsolete. This is the same with some SEO tactics you have been employing in your digital marketing campaigns and you need to discontinue them because they could either be stagnating your traffic or hurting it. These tactics are:

  1. More links does not mean higher ranking anymore: In years gone by, the number of backlinks had a direct bearing on ranking. The more you gained, the higher you ranked. This is not the case anymore. For your business website, avoid amassing backlinks but focus on their relevance to the content you carry on your site.
  2. Content that is keyword-rich is not so hot anymore: The Algorithms for ranking at Google changed and so did what you need to do with your keyword optimization. Try posting more user friendly content that will be captured in the ever changing algorithms.
  3. There is more to SEO than just links and content: Sites with poor quality content but carried a massive number of links and great on page optimization were always ranking positively. Do not continue to focus on building links only; make plans to enhance your social media profiles as well because these days they heavily affect ranking.
  4. Forget about wangling your head term rankings: Today, you will realize that most traffic will come from long tail phrases other than head terms which has been the case all these years. This has been occasioned by the Penguin and Panda updates which threw the previous ranking strategies into a spin. This means that tracking your rankings is something you can do without. Shift this energy to creating and improving on your long tail strategies.

Keeping updated with the ranking systems is what will keep your business growing, not sticking to the time tested methods which may not benefit you anymore.

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4 Critical National SEO Issues to Consider:

When developing a new website for your business, it is critical to consider this development in light of your affordable national SEO needs and expectations. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the activities that are carried out in websites to make them rank favorably in national search engine results pages. Your new website should be developed with optimum SEO benefits in mind. The SEO issues to consider are:

  1.      SEO friendly: The essence of SEO is to have your website or landing pages found out by visitors seeking information or goods and services. Your website should be SEO-ready. Your developer should anchor your website on a platform that is on default, website friendly. A study of the main search engines should yield this information.
  2.      Relevance and credibility: When planning to develop your new website with affordable national SEO in mind, you should be making plans on the content that the site will carry. Website algorithms will detect content that is relevant to your site. The content should also be credible, believable and informative. It should also be updated regularly to ensure that there is fresh content at all times.
  3.      User-friendly: What is the user experience that your site has to offer? Do your site’s visitors find what they are looking for easily? Let your visitors know where they are from the first instance when they land on your site or a page within it. They should find links leading them directly to content they searched for. This also affects search engine rankings.
  4.      Mobile-friendly: With so much online activity being on smartphones today, it is essential for your website to be mobile friendly. Affordable national SEO will therefore need to be carried out in a manner that supports easy mobile access as well as web.

What other issues are critical to SEO in web development? How critical are they to visibility of the website? Share with our readers your insight on this subject. If you have had experiences on the same, our readers would love to hear about them as well.


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