December, 2016

Did You Know About The Amazing Power of Affordable Video Marketing?

Here are a Few Quick FACTS About The Incredible POWER of Video Marketing:

FACT #1. Video Makes Your Products And Services Easier To Find:

“Video Drives a 157% Increase In Organic Traffic From Search Engines.”

– Brightcove

FACT #2. Using Video Dramatically Improves Your Rankings

“Video content dramatically increases the chances of showing up on the front page of Google. Precisely, by 53 TIMES.
– Cisco

FACT #3. Prospects MUCH PREFER watching videos about what you have to offer:

4x As Many Consumers Would Rather Watch A Video About A Product or Service Than Read About It.”

– eMarketer

FACT: #4 Prospects Will Be MUCH More Likely To Buy Your Product Or Service If You Market Using Video:

“40% of Consumers State That Video Increase The Chance They Will Purchase A Product On Their Mobile Device”

– Adobe

Palm Beach County has taken the expense factor out of video marketing by making a professional video about your business affordable with professional actors as spokespeople, we can design eye catching graphics and build powerful scripts that will motivate your customers to take action. Plus we can get your video on the top of the search engines so it will be seen. Contact that’s

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