6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt PBCA Text Message Marketing:">

6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt PBCA Text Message Marketing:


With the advancement in technology, business competition has been taken a notch higher with new and innovative marketing strategies being introduced each day. To keep up with these new and emerging trends, it calls for one to always be on the look for the best marketing strategies to employ so as to compete fairly with his/her business rivals. For instance, the penetration of mobile phones and internet use even in the most remote villages has lead to the introduction and growth of Text Message marketing. This is a marketing technique that involves the sending of marketing texts via mobile carriers to mobile users through their phones. The users are then given links to mobile websites from where they can get to read more about the products and services being marketed. Here are 6 reasons why you need to adopt PBCA Text Message Marketing for your business:

  1.       At least 91% of people on the planet earth have a mobile phone. Statistics further show that a majority of all the adults of legal age in the US have a mobile phone.
  2.       The average mobile phone user checks his/her mobile phone at least 34 times in a day. This simply means that your mobile marketing texts will be read even by the average mobile users.
  3.       Out of every 5 Smartphone users, 4 of them use their Smartphones to shop online.
  4.       Within 3 minutes of receiving an SMS, 90% of mobile phone users will have read the SMS.
  5.       70% of mobile searches on the internet lead to action within one hour of research.
  6.       At least 78% of retailers plan to invest in mobile in this year alone.

With these and more other benefits of PBCA Text Message Marketing, no reason is reason enough for you not to give it a try. You need not to break the bank because there is Palm Beach County Affordable Mobile Billboard.

Have you ever used Text Message Marketing? How were your results? Share your views with our readers as you learn more about this service by emailing me

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