7 Facts You Need To Know About Short Message Service Marketing:">

7 Facts You Need To Know About Short Message Service Marketing:

You will always find misconceptions being passed around as true about anything that is not well understood, and affordable text message marketing (SMS) is no different. Here are 7 facts that should debunk most of the misconceptions that abound.

  1.       Permission is needed before sending texts: Do not send unsolicited texts if you do not want to seem like you are a nuisance or if you do not want to be sued by unhappy recipients. Ask to be allowed to send these messages and always use text marketing best practices.
  2.       Quality over quantity: in affordable text message marketing, you are better of sending fewer quality texts weighted with substance and benefits than sending millions of texts that look like spam. The person who gave his/her permission to be sent your messages deserves much more than empty texts.
  3.       SMS marketing is affordable and it has an impressive ROI: Of all the marketing strategies out there, text message marketing is among the most reasonably priced. Coming with a great return on investment, it is worth a try.
  4.       Test message marketing is used by big brands: The big brands use this method because they appreciate its effectiveness as well as its return on investment. Small businesses should join in too and reap the rewards that the big brands have always enjoyed.
  5.       To mount a campaign, you don’t have to be a professional marketer: SMS marketing is simple to operate and easy to manage. All you need is a little effort and you start earning from text marketing.
  6.       SMS marketing works just as well for live events as product promotion: Whether you want people to register via SMS, or invite a crowd to a free entry event, you will not go wrong. It will work just as fine as product promotions.
  7.       SMS is extremely popular: Texting is a very popular method of communicating. Use it in affordable text message marketing and stand to compete with the big brands in the market.

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