How To Get Started With Affordable Mobile Marketing:">

How To Get Started With Affordable Mobile Marketing:


Mobile marketing is a fast expanding segment of digital marketing in the modern day. More and more business owners are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits that come with this form of marketing. Mobile phone use is widespread and almost everyone has a handset. Therefore, sending them marketing messages through these devices has proved to be an effective option in most cases. Fact: Mobile marketing has a 97% open rate, nothing even comes close! Fact: Mobile marketing messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt of message.

However, mobile marketing still remains to be a challenge for many small or startup businesses. If you want to create loyalty in your customers and engage with them in a more effective manner, you need to learn how to get started with mobile marketing with Five Channels. Here are tips and tricks that will help you to get on the right track.

  •          Have knowledge of affordable mobile marketing before you begin- Just like any other form of marketing, it is vital to orientate yourself with this form of marketing before diving in. Realize, like any other form of marketing you will need to set a goal, what do I want to accomplish with my mobile marketing? How can I get mobile numbers from my clients/customers to market to them, as you need permission for the receiver prior to sending a message out to them. What do I want to offer them, a discount 2 for 1, maybe you own a restaurant you want to increase your business during certain slow times, or offer something to entice them to shop with you. For more ideas see our offer for “22 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Develop Your Email List And Develop Loyal Customers”  below and see how mobile marketing works first hand.
  •          Implement an affordable mobile marketing strategy that your customers will love- Once you have figured out that mobile marketing is good for you, you need to implement a strategy that your customers will appreciate. Ask your clients/customers if it is ok to text them offers? Gather their mobile phone numbers and use it sparingly, ask how often they would like to receive a great deal from your business? You can send them information pertaining to your business and why buy here, in the form of a pdf, a link to a video or slide show and so much more. You can run a survey and find out what your customers want. Just ask what they want to see in your mobile marketing messages.

Link up with social media marketing- The beauty of mobile marketing is that it does not only rely on marketing texts send to mobile phone users. It also factors in other mobile phone uses like internet access etc. Since most mobile phones and smartphones available today can access social networking websites, linking up your mobile marketing with social media sites might be vital. There is a great chance that your target customers will be users of these sites so they will be moved more if they come across your marketing messages on social media sites.

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