5 Reasons Why You Need To Go Mobile Now:">

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Go Mobile Now:

Affordable Mobile Marketing offers a perfect platform for showcasing what your business has to offer. It is a fact that most people today have access to mobile phones, smartphones and tablets and prefer to carry them anywhere they go. With this in mind, it is only feasible for any business owner to go mobile now. Here are 5 reasons why going mobile is the right option today.

  1. Mobile messages can get to customers regardless of where they are

When you send marketing messages to customers through their mobile phones, they will definitely get the message at the right time. This therefore means that mobile marketing offers you the most ideal platform for you to speak to your customers directly which is unmatched by a range of advertising options out there.

  1. Your offer will be read by customers in minutes

When you have an offer for your customers, they will readily get the message and read it on their mobile devices in a short period of time. Ideally, there is no need to wait for weeks before your marketing copy can gets to the customers. As long as someone has their mobile phone at hand, they will definitely get the message you are sending.

  1. You save money

Thirdly, Affordable Mobile Marketing saves you money. The customers will develop a positive relationship with your business and thus want to do more business with you. Again, you only have to pay for marketing to customers who have already opted-in to receive the offers that your business has.

  1. Text message marketing is highly effective

It is also vital to note that Affordable Mobile Marketing is effective. Research shows that the redemption rate for such messages lies anywhere between 20% and 70%. The other marketing media such as radio, print and TV only average 1% redemption. You are therefore better placed when you adopt the use of mobile marketing.

  1. Text messages have higher open rates

Research shows that well over 95% of text messages are opened and read. Again, 83% of these are read within a span of one hour. There is really no other advertising medium out there that has this type of a relationship with the consumer. Going mobile is therefore the best route to take in this regard.

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