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5 Great Guidelines for Boosting Your Mobile Marketing:

If the internet was the platform for information: then mobile is becoming the channel for accessibility (of content information). The statistics and projections definitely support this theory with a staggering number of mobile users. In 2009, 34 million U.S. consumers used their mobile devices to access the internet; and industry forecast projects this number will substantially succeed 106 million

Seizing the advantages and benefits of mobile marketing and considering these figures are not only guaranteed to increase your company’s audience or consumer base; but can be a huge factor in expanding knowledge and accessibility of your brand’s awareness. No matter if you’re an existing SMB or local business owner or big-brand decision maker who’s currently utilizing any form of mobile marketing concepts for your company’s needs, there’s a major deciding difference between ‘just having a mobile marketing’ presence and driving the bottom line or P/L’s for your business. Ironically, it all begins with your mobile strategies.
So, if you’re current initiatives aren’t just driving your business in these diverse channels, here is a “5-Step Guideline for Boosting Your Mobile Marketing Strategies” to ensure such returns for your business’ needs and to offer you a jump-start on developing your 2012 proximity marketing initiatives.

 Step 1: Pre-planning: This is the stage of information gathering and sound-boarding for your strategy setting areas. Consider identifying the: What? (…your business wants to accomplish with your mobile marketing efforts & consumers want to access.) How? (…your business wants to reach and gain such returns & thereby interact with consumers.) Where? (…which mobile platforms and devices you want to include in your marketing initiatives & what platforms are your consumers on.) Once you have identified a solid comprehension of these questions, you will then have a clearer and more tailored plan of execution for the next stages and can insert those solutions for positioning your mobile strategies. Your business should strongly consider the profiles of your mobile customers and understand the varying behaviors of such users. Providing the “3: I’s” Interesting content, Instant retrieval and Insightful information will ensure those mobile marketing efforts are highly warranted by the mass majority.

 Step 2: Infrastructure: In this phase, consider those back-end or general housekeeping protocols for better empowering or boosting your developed mobile strategies. Consider claiming all of your local listings; delivering your business listings to all online, mobile and data listing search engines. Claim your online social identity platforms; ensuring your touch points that mobile users will be accessing are in place. Think about various channels of integration via social and search media and building upon those created social signals. As we all know Facebook users are more likely to recommend products and services to their friends and that Twitter followers are more connected to their liked brands. Also, make sure you have the necessary systems in place for you business to handle the additional mobile traffic and implemented mobile strategies; whether it be in metrics, tech systems or team/man-power. You want to have those components in place for all your developed services to constantly yield repeat returns.

 Step 3: A Mobile Website: This can and should be the first stage in your mobile efforts. Redesigning your current website to be better compatible for any mobile device is extremely important. This is vital in ensuring that not only the design and aesthetics are intriguing, but your site can be viewed on any of the hundreds of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. Also note having a mobile website can also be a huge metrics machine for gathering mobile feedback and related user ability statistics of your consumer base and an effective tool for making bettering decisions and understanding what mobile users are gaining from your site and the how (devices).

 Step 4: Diversified Integrated Platforms: Now that you’ve gotten your feet and knees wet a bit and maybe have gone a lot deeper in your mobile marketing areas, you can and should consider integrating diverse cross-channels into your mobile marketing plans. Having a robust multichannel approach opens up more returns and access; thereby increasing your odds and sales and traffic. Your current options are: Text/SMS, Mobile Applications & Gaming, Proximity Marketing (opt-in services of Blue-tooth & Wifi), Location Based Services Networks, Video Marketing and other (MMS) Multimedia Marketing Messages, and QR codes. Learn more about Integrated Marketing.

 Step 5: Constant Promotions & Updates: Taking all the mobile marketing areas and structures that your company has implemented and executed here is where you will begin to expand/broaden that word and mobile awareness to constantly increase users to your mobile sites. Letting them know that you’re using mobile marketing, QR codes, or other components by marketing this on your company’s website, adding to email and other print marketing or PR releases. If you have a web application, use an outside consultant who can boost your marketing initiatives to get the usage higher on those mobile devices or maybe even consider using a mobile ad platform like AdMob. Constantly updating and improving upon your current mobile initiatives will help you keep your mobile strategies fresh and highly appealing. Ideally these improvements should be built around and from the reporting metrics and analytics that any of these digital (mobile) platforms all provide. This is the phase where you can and should take the leap of becoming a mobile marketing maven and hopefully setting standards with your efforts, like Apple, Chase or Bank of America, Urbanspoon, and those prominent other successful brands of today who are shaping the landscape for mobile marketing.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt PBCA Text Message Marketing:

With the advancement in technology, business competition has been taken a notch higher with new and innovative marketing strategies being introduced each day. To keep up with these new and emerging trends, it calls for one to always be on the look for the best marketing strategies to employ so as to compete fairly with his/her business rivals. For instance, the penetration of mobile phones and internet use even in the most remote villages has lead to the introduction and growth of Text Message marketing. This is a marketing technique that involves the sending of marketing texts via mobile carriers to mobile users through their phones. The users are then given links to mobile websites from where they can get to read more about the products and services being marketed. Here are 6 reasons why you need to adopt PBCA Text Message Marketing for your business:

  1.       At least 91% of people on the planet earth have a mobile phone. Statistics further show that a majority of all the adults of legal age in the US have a mobile phone.
  2.       The average mobile phone user checks his/her mobile phone at least 34 times in a day. This simply means that your mobile marketing texts will be read even by the average mobile users.
  3.       Out of every 5 Smartphone users, 4 of them use their Smartphones to shop online.
  4.       Within 3 minutes of receiving an SMS, 90% of mobile phone users will have read the SMS.
  5.       70% of mobile searches on the internet lead to action within one hour of research.
  6.       At least 78% of retailers plan to invest in mobile in this year alone.

With these and more other benefits of PBCA Text Message Marketing, no reason is reason enough for you not to give it a try. You need not to break the bank because there is Palm Beach County Affordable Mobile Billboard.

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7 Facts You Need To Know About Short Message Service Marketing:

You will always find misconceptions being passed around as true about anything that is not well understood, and affordable text message marketing (SMS) is no different. Here are 7 facts that should debunk most of the misconceptions that abound.

  1.       Permission is needed before sending texts: Do not send unsolicited texts if you do not want to seem like you are a nuisance or if you do not want to be sued by unhappy recipients. Ask to be allowed to send these messages and always use text marketing best practices.
  2.       Quality over quantity: in affordable text message marketing, you are better of sending fewer quality texts weighted with substance and benefits than sending millions of texts that look like spam. The person who gave his/her permission to be sent your messages deserves much more than empty texts.
  3.       SMS marketing is affordable and it has an impressive ROI: Of all the marketing strategies out there, text message marketing is among the most reasonably priced. Coming with a great return on investment, it is worth a try.
  4.       Test message marketing is used by big brands: The big brands use this method because they appreciate its effectiveness as well as its return on investment. Small businesses should join in too and reap the rewards that the big brands have always enjoyed.
  5.       To mount a campaign, you don’t have to be a professional marketer: SMS marketing is simple to operate and easy to manage. All you need is a little effort and you start earning from text marketing.
  6.       SMS marketing works just as well for live events as product promotion: Whether you want people to register via SMS, or invite a crowd to a free entry event, you will not go wrong. It will work just as fine as product promotions.
  7.       SMS is extremely popular: Texting is a very popular method of communicating. Use it in affordable text message marketing and stand to compete with the big brands in the market.

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